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Debt Settlement Frequently Asked Questions

Speak With Our Los Angeles Debt Settlement FAQ
Speak With Our Los Angeles Debt Settlement FAQ

Bankruptcy Attorney Los Angles – Debt Settlement FAQ

Below you will find a collection of frequently asked questions that pertain to the various aspects of debt settlement:

Q: What is Debt Settlement?

A: Debt settlement also goes by the name of debt negotiation and refers to your debt being negotiated down to a reduced amount and paid off in a lump sum or in multiple payments. Debt settlement is an excellent resource for individuals dealing with extreme financial distress who want to avoid bankruptcy, but use caution when considering working with a debt settlement company. Consult an attorney before agreeing to work with these companies as they often set borrowers back rather than assisting them with debt relief.

Q: Is debt settlement better than filing for bankruptcy?

A: Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will discharge the majority of your debts, giving you a blank financial slate, but will scar your credit for years to come. Chapter 13 bankruptcy will allow you to discharge many of your debts but you will be required to pay back a certain percentage of what you owe. You must consult with a bankruptcy attorney to determine what you are eligible for and to explore viable solutions for debt settlement and relief.

Q: Will debt settlement negatively impact my credit?

A: To explore settlement as an option you must have defaulted on your loan payments and have gone into delinquency before a lender will consider negotiations. By not paying your lenders your credit will be negatively impacted by seeking debt settlement, however it will be far less detrimental than filing for bankruptcy.

Q: Will debt settlement affect my taxes?

A: In the United States, the IRS considers forgiven debt to be actual income, therefor requiring taxes to be paid upon it. If you are able to adequately prove that you were insolvent during the time that your debt settlement took place, the IRS will waive these specific tax liabilities.

Q: Can I trust a debt settlement company?

A: Over the past decade, many debt management companies have sprouted into existence, seemingly overnight. They offer lofty promises of settling your debt for pennies on the dollar, yet you are advised to be wary of this variety of company. Many offer nothing more than empty promises and will leave you in greater financial distress than before you sought their assistance. Speak with an attorney prior to seeking the help of a debt settlement company, and if you are going to choose to work with one, do your homework, ask questions and make your choice based on a companies track record of success and their reputation. Make sure that you clearly understand their terms of use before signing anything.

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