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We are proud of the rock-solid reputation we have earned among our former clients and colleagues and look forward to providing you with high-quality legal assistance as you deal with the possibility of Chapter 11 or 13 bankruptcy or foreclosure on your home. Please contact our offices located in Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles today to speak with one of our bilingual staff members and to start the process of financial recovery. As a Southern California debt relief agency, our affordable Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyers are standing by. Call us at (213) 699-3055 today for a free consultation.

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In dealing with the financial pressures of a pending foreclosure on your home or the incessant harassment of bill collectors, you need an attorney on your side who will defend your rights as well as be creative with seeking viable solutions and alternatives. There is a solution, and our attorneys will be there for you as you explore bankruptcy alternatives such as mortgage and loan modifications. Also, since we are committed that you experience relief from your financial struggles, our Los Angeles firm offers payment plans that will relieve some of the financial burdens you already face.

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