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Speak With Our Los Angeles Credit Harassment Attorneys Now!
Speak With Our Los Angeles Credit Harassment Attorneys Now!

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Dealing with Harassment from Creditors

Financial distress can happen to anyone at anytime and may be the result of an unexpected medical emergency, the loss of a loved one, the loss of critical income as the result of a layoff or the mismanagement of funds and assets. If you have ever experienced the invasive annoyance of a bill collector calling over and over and over again to collect on money owed but that you simply don’t have, then you are familiar with the embarrassment, the guilt, the irritation and maybe even the despair. Creditors have a knack for calling at the most inopportune times. They can be downright terrorists when it comes to collecting their money when you have fallen behind on credit card payments, car payments, mortgage, medical bills and other living expenses. They can be terribly invasive, often quite rude and may even become hostile. Because they believe that you may not have the time or the financial ability to pursue their often illegal actions in court, they successfully continue their tactics without reprimand.

With the legal fortitude of a skilled bankruptcy attorney on your side, you will understand your rights in the face of creditor harassment and can seek legal recourse if necessary. If you have recently filed bankruptcy, it is contempt of a federal restraining order for a creditor to contact you regarding compensation for past due bills. In some cases, beyond the usual phone calls made by bill collectors, they may even be so bold as to come to your residence demanding money.

Know Your Rights

The Attorneys at the Law Offices of I Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys will stand by your side in a situation where you feel you are being excessively or unlawfully harassed by creditors and bill collectors.  An attorney with extensive knowledge of how best to deal with creditors will advise you as to the proper course of action, which may include writing the collector, their company or a credit reporting agency to demand that they stop all telephone calls to you. Do not be bullied by a bill collector! If you feel as though you are being unlawfully harassed by a creditor based on amounts that you do not believe you owe, then align yourself with a skilled creditor harassment attorney today and regain your peace of mind.

Creditors employ strategic bullying tactics to intimidate you into making payments. They rely on the fact that you do not know your personal rights and will not report them to the authorities or legally demand that they cease and desist. The Collection Practices Act forbids all creditors from calling an individual before 8am or after 9pm for any reason. It is unacceptable for them to contact your place of work, your neighbors, family members or friends in regards to payment of past due bills. It is forbidden for them to threaten you with criminal prosecution or to incessantly call you over and over again. It is against the law for a creditor to pretend to be someone else in an effort to reach you and it is unlawful to threaten you with any form of aggression or violence in regards to bill payment. These points along with many others are outlined in the Fair Credit Collection Practices Act, which your attorney can comprehensively explain to you.

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Free Creditor Harassment Consultation in Los Angeles
Free Creditor Harassment Consultation in Los Angeles
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