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Speak With Our Los Angeles Wage Garnishment Attorneys

Wage Garnishment in Los Angeles

Garnishment is recognized as an American legal order for collecting monetary judgment on behalf of a plaintiff from a defendant. Moneys can come directly from a garnishee or defendant or in certain specific cases, from a third involved party. Wage garnishment is the most common form of garnishment and consists of allocating money from an employee’s salary to offset certain debts. Garnishment of wages continues until a debt is paid off in its entirety or specific arrangements have been secured that will ensure the repayment of said debts.

Understanding Wage Garnishment

The most commonly recognized forms of debt where wage garnishment can be employed are child support, spousal support (alimony), unpaid taxes, unpaid court fines and defaulted student loans. Payroll departments at a garnishee’s place of employment are responsible for setting up the appropriate garnishments, however in some cases there is not sufficient funding to satisfy federal, state and local taxes, therefor, federal taxes are garnished first. Employers are required to accurately calculate wage garnishments for employees until all debts are sufficiently reimbursed.

As an employee or an individual, avoiding wage garnishment is preferred since it can negatively impact ones credit, reputation and future ability to qualify for loans or banking privileges. Depending on the jurisdiction of an individual, certain restrictions may apply in regards to wage garnishment, therefor, having the skilled counsel of an attorney who understands California specific laws in regards to wage garnishment law will be to your benefit.

Dealing with Creditors and Bill Collectors

Creditors and Bill collectors will ruthlessly pursue payment for owed debts and when you are unable to reimburse them they may turn to filing a lawsuit in an effort to obtain a court order that would allow them the ability to legally garnish partial wages. Their ability to garnish funds from your paycheck can cause even further financial distress and may result in more financial troubles. If you are struggling with the effects of wage garnishment by a creditor or bill collector, contact our skilled attorneys at the Los Angeles Law Offices of I Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys today for a free consultation. We will support you in finding the best course of action to stop wage garnishment and to consider filing for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. There is a solution, and we are committed to supporting you through this process. Filing for bankruptcy allows the courts to issue an “Automatic Stay,” which stops creditors and bill collectors from harassing you with incessant calls and the ability to withdraw money from your bank accounts through  wage garnishment.

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Free Los Angeles Wage Garnishment Consultation

Free Los Angeles Wage Garnishment Consultation
Free Los Angeles Wage Garnishment Consultation
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