This is to thank you for the exceptional work of you and your fine staff. In managing my bankruptcy and load modification, a nearly five-year effort, your performance was stellar. I never felt alone or adrift, key concerns in those circumstances. The outcome was outstanding.As the dank blanket of economic uncertainty continues to depress the hopes of  many of us, I keep your business cards and number available for others. Without hyperbole, I can attest that you present a beacon. Thank you so much.K.C.

Just wanted to inform you. My resistance and your guidance helped. Bank approved my mid process. We are starting the trial period. Thank you very much for all your support.
-Milan S

Matt & Adelina,

Thank you so much for being our representative for our Home Loan Modification. You provided excellent service and I would recommend you and your Law Office. In fact I have one friend (V. Joyce) who will be meeting with the Bankruptcy side and if needed then the Mod. You made an extremely stressful situation bearable. I thank God everyday for our Modification going through and this was made possible through your firm.

The reason I used your firm is through a recommendation by K. Sullivan. She did a bankruptcy I believe. It’s hard to go through things like this without trust of who you use to represent. So I tell people I Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys can be trusted and if you are not a good candidate they will let you know. So thanks again for being there for us. Also, I want to thank the Bankruptcy side Carla & Erica. I had a excellent experience with Legal Sec. & all I dealt with.

My husband did most all phone contact & I more the emails.


F. & L. Rider

Dear Mr. Resnik:

We wanted to thank you for your professional handling of our loan modification with GMAC mortgage. We are very happy that you were able to accomplish the modification of our loan in such a short period of time.

Thank you again for your professional service.

W and B Mejia

Dear Matt & Adelina,

Thank you for leading me through the process of my loan modification to a successful end.

Thank you for patiently addressing the issues and clearly delineating the possibilities, both positive and negative, throughout my numerous bouts with panic and fear.

Thank you for persevering through two loan modification rejections to a third successful one.

Thank you for being accessible to my inquires for an entire year.

Thank you for your professional demeanor.

For all this, I truly thank you and highly recommend you to anyone in need of these services.


L. Paxton

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to thank you all for everything you did for my case. You all made it as easy and painless as possible.

Karen – you were a true professional and made the experience as easy as possible. Thanks for the prep work and being so nice and comforting during what can be a stressful task. You were amazing.

It was truly a pleasure and I will gladly refer anyone who is in need of these services to your office.

Have a wonderful long weekend.

A. Kay


I owe you and your firm a great deal of gratitude over the past 18 months for serving my legal functions. You have all been exemplary.

Greatest of success to you all. Thanks, Matt.


S. McKendry

To whom it may concern:

I wanted to take the time to express our appreciation and gratitude for the service and assistance your organization provided. We were very fortunate to have Adelina as our representative throughout the duration of the loan modification and are very satisfied with the results. She kept us informed of the progress and would advise us as needed to help us navigate through the process and keep the momentum going. Thanks to her persistence & knowledge, the end result was all that we had hoped for and has given us a renewed opportunity. Adelina is a great asset to your team and we would gladly recommend I Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys to anyone requiring your services.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.

Best Regards,

J. Brown

You are an angel is our lives – we are so very grateful – thank you so much

L. Wells

Wow ! I am at a loss for just what to say right now! I am elated! shocked! awed! and Extremely Grateful!

It seems like a dream come true another shot at the brass ring of life! ( this time with eyes open a little wider).

After 2 failed attempts of our own, to finally be approved is almost unbelievable! Except for the confidence of your office and staff who were confident through the whole process, We are ecstatic! delighted! giddy!! if you will.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and your office for all their hard work…
Adelina and Evelyn have provided a great source of reassurance and understanding through the loan mod process, always making themselves available to address any concerns we may have had along the way.
Thanks again to you and your staff again for your exemplary work ethic and diligence.

Happy New Year!


M. Perry
S. Perry